TED Global de newsmakers: Alessandro Acquisti no reconhecimento facial, Thomas Dolby congestionamentos com Buzz Aldrin e mais

Originally posted on TED Blog:

TEDGlobal 2013 will bring dozens of speakers to the stage with ideas to make you “Think Again.” As the conference begins in just four days, here is a look at some of the slated speakers who made the news this week. Plus, a few notables from TEDGlobals of the past.

  • Alessandro Acquisti studies the tension between our desire for privacy and the wealth of information we freely share online. One of his areas of expertise: facial recognition technology. So we wanted to get his opinion on this article from IEEE Spectrum titled, “Will Face Recognition Ever Catch Criminals?.” It looks in detail at where we are with facial recognition technology and why it wasn’t more useful in identifying the Boston Marathon bombers. Acquisti tells the TED Blog, “The obstacles which make facial recognition hard are not systemic but transient: every year the databases of identified facial images get larger…

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