In case you missed it: Some highlights of day 4 of TEDGlobal 2013: Think Again

Originally posted on TED Blog:

It’s the last day of TEDGlobal 2013, which means goodbyes and premature reminiscing. Onward: In session 11, “Tech Impact,” we heard about the dangers and delights of our accelerated technological age. We’re doomed! No we’re not! Yes we are! And in session 12, “All Together Now,” we held mental hands and were reminded that, in spite of it all, we’re in this together. Below are some highlights from this brief but potent morning:

Michael v Michael: Michael Porter and Michael Sandel, two Michaels from Harvard, dressed nearly identically, debated to what extent market practices should pervade society. Porter reiterated that business has a lot to offer causes of social good, and Sandel agreed that markets have their place — but that they should stay there. “Good thing we both have tenure,” Porter joked as the two took good-natured pokes at each other. Read more about Porter’s talk or Sandel’s…

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