TED News in Brief: Yves Rossy flies ‘round Mount Fuji, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams goes long-form, and more

Henrique Cesar Ferreira Gama:

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Originally posted on TED Blog:

Yves Rossy (watch his talk) is known as the “Jetman,” because he zips through the air on a pair of jet-powered wings. Last week, he flew around Japan’s Mount Fuji. Nine times. And then spoke to Business Insider about it.

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams (watch his talk) talks to The New York Times about his most recent venture, Medium — a blogging platform that helps surface posts that readers find most valuable.

A great piece via Arch Daily: Why Iwan Baan’s TED Talk was right. (Watch it.)

Michael Forster Rothbart wrote the incredible TED Book Would You Stay?, which weaves together photos and stories of those still living in the vicinity of Chernobyl and Fukushima. Here, watch him interviewed on CNN about the project, as he tells the story of an inspiring mailman.

In his stunning photographs, Fabian Oefner (watch his…

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