A power-generating jumprope, a sexy spacesuit and a swim from Cuba to Florida: A recap of TEDWomen 2013 session 1

Originally posted on TED Blog:

By Becky Chung and Emily McManus

The SF Jazz theater fills with the beeping and plinking sounds of a cellphone. Bora Yoon, a TED Fellow and experimental musician who weaves found sounds from old and new technologies, is on stage surrounded by her instruments: a golden flowered gramophone horn, a mixer, a computer and her phone. The cellphone sounds ebb and flow, and repeat and evolve as she adds layers and layers of her voice. The effect is a haunting choral soundscape that transforms the room into a church from an alternate universe.

It’s an ethereal intro to TEDWomen 2013, themed “Invented Here.” To kick off the first session of the event, “To Be is To Do,” hosts Pat Mitchell of the Paley Center and June Cohen of TED Media begin by sharing just a few of the things that women have invented: for example, windshield wipers, the…

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