The afterlife of ideas: A TED-ED Club at Middletown High School South takes action

Originally posted on TED Blog:

A pillar stands in the main hallway of Middletown High School South in New Jersey, with a whiteboard on either side of it. In front of these boards, students line up and excitedly uncap markers to write, of all things, thank-yous. Some only write one or two words; others pen sprawling paragraphs. While so much high school news coverage focuses on bullying and putdowns, this busy hallway is full of students clamoring to thank their friends, teachers and even random acquaintances. This pillar was built by a group of students who’d participated in a TED-Ed Club.

The TED-Ed Club experience is about students discussing ideas and, eventually, learning how to give a TED-style talk about one they’re passionate about. But we’re also interested in the afterlife of those ideas: Do they inspire action? How do they impact others? When chemistry teacher Marc Seigel started a pilot TED-Ed Club at Middletown…

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