MemSQL rakes in the dough, IBM doesn’t, and the future of MOOCs

Originally posted on Gigaom:

On this week’s Structure Show we talk winners and losers.

One winner? MemSQL raked in a robust $35 million in new cash, bringing total funding to  $45 million in its two year existence.

A loser? IBM announced another disappointing quarter and acknowledged what we already knew —  server sales are sad, although as of now Big Blue still owns its X86 server business, but stay tuned. (Update: Spoke too soon. Mere hours after recording this, IBM announced the sale of its server business to Lenovo for $2.3 billion in stock-and-cash.)

Another winner? Airwatch. VMware acquired the Atlanta-based company for a cool $1.5 billion for its mobile device management know how.

Then this week’s guest Sebastian Thrun, who was project lead on Google Glass and is CEO of Udacity,  talks about the current and future state of Massive Open Online Courses. That’s MOOCs to you.


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