A scandal of epic proportions hidden in plain sight: TED Prize winner Charmian Gooch reveals her wish at TED2014

Originally posted on TED Blog:

TED2014_DD_DSC_4121_1920 Charmian Gooch. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

“TED Prize winners are heroes,” says longtime TEDster Jeff Skoll, as he introduces this year’s TED Prize winner. “They often go on to exceed even their own most audacious goals.”

This year, by sheer coincidence, the Skoll Foundation and TED chose to honor the same person with their annual awards—Charmian Gooch of the organization Global Witness. While Gooch often refers to herself as a “lifelong troublemaker,” Skoll explains why her work is so much bigger than that. “For 20 years, Charmian and her organization have exposed corruption on a global scale,” says Skoll. “Charmian is truly fearless in tackling the world’s darkest forces merely with wits, intelligence and good use of technology.”

With that, Gooch steps onto the stage to reveal her TED Prize wish.

“I’ve come here today to talk about a very simple but devastating problem, one that spans the globe…

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