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TEDGlobal 2013: Think Again is right around the corner — and the program is packed with illustrious speakers addressing some of the most challenging and fascinating questions we face today. So how should you prepare for this influx of ideas from politics, science, the arts and beyond? To familiarize you with our speakers’ past work and points of view, we’ve compiled a list of some of their books, articles and, for the truly dedicated, scholarly research. Crack open a book (or a new browser tab) and get lost in the little bit of everything — clever, creative, controversial — that’s coming to Edinburgh next week.

If you read something that sparks your interest and want updates on certain speakers ASAP, tune in during the conference for full live coverage on the TED Blog and live tweeting from @TEDGlobal (dedicated to news from TEDGlobal exclusively) and @TEDNews (dedicated to news from…

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