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Facebook admits unshared photos from 6.8 million users affected by latest privacy flaw

The latest Facebook security blunder involves photos from 6.8 million users. The company shared in an update on its developer page today that a bug allowed third-parties to see photos from Facebook users who had uploaded, but chose to not post them to the social media service.

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Music: Team Sonic Racing OST – Sand Road Theme

The official Sonic the Hedgehog account has unleashed a new tune from SEGA and Sumo Digital’s upcoming Team Sonic Racing video game. The theme is for Sand Road which is one track that’s going to be featured in the game and it is based on Sonic Adventure’s Sand Hill level. The track features Jun Senoue, Tee Lopes, and Takeshi Taneda on bass. Have a listen below.

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Apple now supports app analytics for developers on the Mac App Store

With the introduction of the revamped Mac App Store on macOS Mojave, Apple had to remove some features along the way. Today, the company is adding app analytics for Mac App Store applications in App Store Connect.

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Super Micro audit complete, including servers supplied to Apple: no spy chips found

The tech news was dominated in October by a dramatic Bloomberg claim that Chinese spy chips had been embedded into the Super Micro motherboards of servers supplied to Apple, Amazon and others. The report claimed that Apple had discovered the chips, and reported the fact to the FBI. All involved – Apple, Amazon and Super Micro […]

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UK: Nintendo Switch Has Sold 1.4 Million, Xbox One 5 Million And PlayStation 4 Over 6 Million

We finally have some updated numbers for console sales in the United Kingdom which is the biggest video game market in Europe. It is the PlayStation 4 which is the best-selling system in the UK with sales of 6 million, it is followed by the Xbox One at 5 million and the Nintendo Switch at 1.4 million units. Here’s the details direct from Christopher Dring:

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Video: The 14 Most Graphically Impressive Super Nintendo Games

The Super Nintendo produced some graphically impressive video games during its tenure and a Japanese YouTube channel has listed what it deems to be the most visually impressive games on the system. It is always amazing how far video games have come today, but you can’t help appreciate the visual charm of these retro titles.

  • Tales of Phantasia
  • Axelay
  • Final Fantasy VI
  • Star Fox
  • Donkey Kong Country 3
  • Street Fighter Zero 2
  • Tengai Makyou Zero
  • Stunt Race FX
  • Seiken Densetsu 3
  • Yoshi’s Island
  • Super Mario RPG
  • Rudora no hihou
  • Megaman X2
  • Star Ocean

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Here Are The List Of Winners From The 2018 Gamers’ Choice Awards

The Game Awards was not the only awards show that took place this week. The Gamers’ Choice Awards aired on CBS earlier today, which had 50 different gaming categories. Nintendomanaged to pick up a handful of awards, mostly due to the Mario franchise. For example, Super Mario Party was voted the “Fan Favorite Family-Friendly Multiplayer Game”. The full list of winners is down below.


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Some apps pass personally identifiable location data to as many as 40 companies

A lengthy NY Times feature provides some stark illustrations of the extent to which potentially-identifiable location data is being captured, shared and retained by both iOS and Android apps, threatening user privacy. The paper was able to identify specific individuals from some location patterns, and found that one iOS app was passing exact location data to […]

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IGN Will Have Exclusive Sonic Movie News Very Soon

Those of you who are curious about the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie shouldn’t have to wait too long to get details. The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account has stated today that news about the upcoming movie, which is due next year, will be published by IGN.

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Twilight Stroll

One of the best experience in Melbourne, in my opinion, is a relaxed stroll from Hamer Hall down to Melbourne city centre, by way of the Princes Bridge.

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Dragon Quest XII: “Still Many Years Away”

While us Nintendo Switch owners are still waiting for Dragon Quest XI S on the system, Square Enix is undoubtedly thinking about the next entry in the successful franchise. Speaking at the computer entertainment developers conference Hori spoke briefly about plans for the next game in the series.

“How is the 12th entry going?”

Horii responded, “I actually already came up with the keywords, but I can’t say anything here. (Laughs.)”

The game designer added, “However, since Dragon Quest XI‘s scenario was well-received, this time I want the same reception for the gameplay systems, but I could also surprise everyone and make it an epic. Now I just feel like teasing everyone. (Laughs.).”

Furthermore, Horii said, “I keep absentmindedly thinking about making the theme the feeling of ‘wanting to make dreams come true.’”

Likely discussing the topic more than he should, Horii closed by saying that a Dragon Quest XII is “still many years away.”


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Pokemon Team Aqua And Team Magma Nintendo 3DS Themes Available

The themes are a neat addition to the Nintendo 3DS and the Kyoto company has released two new themes which are available right now. They are Pokemon themed themes for Team Aqua and Team Magma. The themes are available in both North America and Japan and cost $1.99 each.


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Nintendo Applies for Metroid: Other M And Super Mario Galaxy Trademarks

Japanese Nintendo is reporting this evening that Nintendo has applied for some trademarks regarding its intellectual properties. The two trademarks are for Wii games, the controversial Metroid: Other M and the acclaimed Super Mario Galaxy. These are for purposes including ‘video game program’, ‘downloadable video game program’, and ‘program for smartphone’.


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Reggie Fils-Aime: DLC Characters For Super Smash Bros Ultimate Will Be “Unique, Different”

The Joker Persona 5 reveal for the upcoming downloadable content for Super Smash Bros Ultimate was completely unexpected and thankfully it wasn’t spoiled before the event like some other titles. IGN caught up with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime to get some idea of Masahiro Sakurai’s thinking for the rest of the downloadable characters that will join the fight. Fils-Aime was also quizzed about whether we could see Persona 5come to the Nintendo Switch. Read on for his response.

“It’s emblematic of the approach that Mr. Sakurai and the team are taking with the DLC,” Fils-Aime told IGN. “He wants characters that are unique, different, to bring them into the Smash Bros. environment. So it’s going to be tremendously exciting.”

“Mr. Sakurai, he’s not only a student of Nintendo franchises, and obviously he’s had his hand in a few, but he’s a student of video games from a total perspective,” Fils-Aime said. “And so he’s been the driver in really thinking about what type of character coming into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would bring just a whole different level of fun and enjoyment for the player. That’s been the approach. That’s the thinking.”

“I hope the fans are excited by the announcement of Joker. I hope they’re looking forward to the future announcements,” he added. “I hope it gives them confidence to just go buy the Fighter Pass. That way they can get the latest fighter as soon as it’s available and continue building out their roster for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.”

“You know, I can’t comment on [Persona 5 Switch] that. Again, from our perspective, we’ve been clear. We want all the best content on our platform. All the best content, all the best developers. And so our job is to continue growing the install base for Nintendo Switch to drive engagement of our players, to grow the audience. As that happens, then developers see the opportunity,” he said.


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!

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Splatoon 2 Has Been Updated To Version 4.3.0

Nintendo has released a new update for Splatoon 2, putting the game at version 4.3.0. This update adds the final new weapons, which are the Ballpoint Splatling Nouveau, Nautilus 79, Custom Explosher and Bloblobber Deco. There are also four new weapon sets from the Toni Kensa Collection. As for Gear Abilities, you can now get Bomb Defense Up DX and Main Power Up.

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As AAPL slides on iPhone sales fears, one major supplier has yet to cut its forecast

As concern about slowing iPhone sales continues, Bloomberg today highlights one Apple supplier that has not yet cut its revenue forecasts. That supplier is Skyworks Solutions, who provides radio frequency chips for the iPhone and relies on Apple for half of its revenue.

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Ninja Gaiden, Wario’s Woods & Adventures Of Lolo Are Coming To The Nintendo Switch Online’s NES Library On December 12th

There are a few more NES titles that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch Online service this month. Starting December 12th, you will be able to play Ninja Gaiden, Wario’s Woods and Adventures Of Lolo. Nintendo of America confirmed the news on their official Twitter page, so we included their tweet for you down below. Feel free to check it out.

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Film shot entirely on iPhone awarded prestigious Turner Prize in Britain

Yet another film shot on Apple’s iPhone is receiving an award today. The Guardian reports that Charlotte Prodger has been awarded the 2018 Turner Prize for her short film entitled “Bridgit,” which was shot on the Scottish countryside.

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Google and Amazon to offer AirPods alternatives; Apple likely to add health sensors

There are already a number of AirPods alternatives on the market – but noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes we’re about to get more. He points to supply-chain reports suggesting that both Google and Amazon are working on direct competitor products. But he also expects Apple to work on holding its market lead by adding […]

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Liam Robertson Says Metroid Prime Trilogy Is Nintendo Switch Bound

The ever reliable Liam Robertson has told his followers on Twitter that the Metroid Prime Trilogy is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Yesterday, we published that Swedish retailer Inet had listed the game on their website. However, thanks to our Swedish readers, it turned out it was fun speculation based on a rumour. We should presumably find out for sure during The Game Awards 2018.

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Researchers develop cross-platform app to test for anemia with a single photo

Emory University researchers have developed a cross-platform mobile app which can test anybody for anemia with just one photo of their fingernails.

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LinkDesk’s Devices app for HomeKit lets you control smart accessories using ARKit

It’s no secret that Apple is incredibly bullish on the future of augmented reality, having introduced ARKit 2.0 as part of iOS 12. Now startup LinkDesk is using ARKit to allow you to control your HomeKit accessories.

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Nintendo Switch And Carnival Games Given To Entire Audience At The Ellen DeGeneres Show

As part of its Twelve Days of Giveaways promotion, The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently gave away Nintendo Switch consoles bundled with Carnival Games to the entire audience. WWE wrestler John Cenaappeared alongside talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to announce the giveaway, as shown in the embedded video below. In addition, from now until December 11, anyone who visits can take advantage of a 30 percent discount off Carnival Games at GameStop.

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Fortnite developer planning to launch online game store soon on Mac, rivaling the Mac App Store and Steam

Epic, which is known for making the ever-popular Fortnite online game has today announced that it is launching its own Epic Games store on Mac and PC, soon.

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Eurogamer: Crash Team Racing Remaster Could Be Unveiled At Game Awards 2018

You may have seen that PlayStation Access presenter Hollie Bennett teased the following photo which is related to The Game Awards 2018 on Twitter.

They are Crash Bandicoot coloured dice that would normally be hung up in a car on the rearview mirror. Eurogamer understands that the tease is “the real deal” and will be shown off by Activision during the awards which are happening on Thursday evening. It might be a timed PS4 exclusive like the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

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Video: V-Rally 4 On Nintendo Switch

Rally fans who own a Nintendo Switch will be pleased to finally see some footage for the forthcoming V-Rally 4 on the Nintendo Switch system. Today, the developers showed off a video of the game running on the platform and also announced that V-Rally 4 will be available on the 13th of December in Europe and a delayed release in North America, as it will arrive there on the 5th of February 2019. Have a watch below.

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Rumour: Swedish Retailer Inet Lists Metroid Prime Trilogy For Nintendo Switch

Update: Thanks to reader Taumi Smaïlaye who says that the listing translated into English from Swedish says the following: ”This product is only a rumour but we think it will likely be revealed at the game awards with release early 2019 (feb?)”

A Swedish retailer named Inet has published a listing for Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch. With online chatter hinting towards a Metroid Prime 4 reveal at tomorrow’s The Game Awards 2018 a revamped version of the iconic video game trilogy would be most welcome. We shall have to wait and see what transpires on Thursday evening.

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Hulu and DirecTV to start showing ads when users pause content in 2019

Streaming video services and TV providers are always looking at ways to optimize and evolve advertising. Now, a new report from Variety details how and why both Hulu and AT&T plan to use start using new “pause ads” next year.

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Starlink Nintendo Switch Developers Give Advice For Developing On System

Development studio Virtuos, who are no strangers to the Nintendo Switch, have participated in an interview with Geek. In the interview the team has given other developers advice on how best to approach development on Nintendo’s latest platform. The company was behind Starlink: Battle for Atlas and Dark Souls Remasteredon the Nintendo Switch. Here’s what they had to say:

Our best advice: Don’t try to force what worked on other platforms on the Switch. You might need to change your approach to get the most out of the hardware.

Common areas to focus should be data compression, forward vs deferred rendering, vertex processing and a scalable threading model. Teams should also start considering Lotcheck requirements from the beginning, especially for features that involve multiplayer or something non-standard, in order to avoid surprises during the final phase of bug fixing.

Nintendo has a pretty sophisticated online system for creating Lotcheck related documentation, test cases and even automated testing, so take advantage of it. Start preparing these things early, upload a build for automatic test as soon as possible and deal with any issues even before your final crunch. Don’t forget about Amiibo – if you are considering Amiibo, make the decision early so that you have as much time as possible to design and test full support including extreme cases and failure scenarios.

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Trainer Battles In Pokemon GO Will Be Detailed Today

The official Pokemon GO Twitter account has revealed that details regarding the long-awaited trainer battles will be announced today. The company teased that player vs player was finally coming to the game last week, but it is today when the company will divulge all the details.

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