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Starting with 2019 Avalon, Toyota finally bringing CarPlay to select vehicles

After initially planning to support CarPlay, and then later backtracking on those plans, Toyota has had an interesting relationship with Apple’s in-car interface. Today, however, marks a notable change in the Japanese automaker’s stance. During the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Toyota officially announced that CarPlay will appear in its upcoming 2019…

via Starting with 2019 Avalon, Toyota finally bringing CarPlay to select vehicles — 9to5Mac


New Bolt USB-C cable brings MagSafe functionality to all MacBook models — 9to5Mac

Apple’s decision to move completely to USB-C was met with mixed reactions following the unveil of the redesigned MacBook Pro models last year, with the removal of MagSafe charging a notable point of contention. We’ve seen a few third-party companies aim to bring magnetic charging, but they’ve generally had their limitation. A new solution from…

via New Bolt USB-C cable brings MagSafe functionality to all MacBook models — 9to5Mac

Apple in ‘panic’ mode as iPhone 8’s 3D face detection

Apple’s trials and tribulations over the upcoming iPhone 8 have been well documented thus far and a new report this evening from Fast Company continues that trend. The report explains that Apple’s team of engineers and designers working on the iPhone are operating with a “sense of panic in the air” as we near the…

via Report: Apple in ‘panic’ mode as iPhone 8’s 3D face detection

GameStop Executive Believes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Sales Will Be Huge

GameStop seems incredibly positive about Nintendo newest console, calling the Switch’s sale “phenomenal“. They seem to have hope for the system’s future too, GameStop’s senior director of merchandising predicting huge sales for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Mario Kart games traditionally sell extremely well, Eric Bright obviously recognising this and assuming the best. Hopefully Eric Bright is Eric […]

via GameStop Executive Believes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Sales Will Be Huge — My Nintendo News

Apple omits (PRODUCT)RED branding for red iPhone in China, perhaps to avoid AIDS controversy

Apple’s announcement of a red iPhone 7/Plus yesterday wasn’t just notable for the introduction of a mid-cycle color option, but also because it represented the company’s greatest ever support for the AIDS-fighting charity (RED). Tim Cook said yesterday it was in celebration of ten years’ partnership with the charity, and the PRODUCT(RED) branding was prominent on…

via Apple omits (PRODUCT)RED branding for red iPhone in China, perhaps to avoid AIDS controversy — 9to5Mac

Are Electric Cars REALLY the Future for Driving Enthusiasts?

Watching the first episode of the new season of Top Gear, and Chris Harris made a comment about the Ferrari FXX K possibly being the last gasp of the combustion engine. It’s a comment we’ve heard before, and I’m sure it’s a comment many will continue to make. But I don’t buy it for a […]

via Are Electric Cars REALLY the Future for Driving Enthusiasts? — Mind Over Motor

Pocket Tripod – The only phone tripod you need

Super Mario Odyssey Will Feature At This Year’s E3 Event In June

Sadly the super-fun Super Mario Odyssey wasn’t playable at the event we attended on Friday and was only shown on a large video screen. However, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed to IGN that Super Mario Odyssey will be a huge part of Nintendo’s E3 2017 presentation which makes a lot of sense given […]

via Super Mario Odyssey Will Feature At This Year’s E3 Event In June — My Nintendo News

Nintendo Switch Features An Airplane Mode

Early Nintendo Switch testers have discovered that the upcoming system includes an airplane mode, which temporarily disables certain functions such as WiFi and Bluetooth. This may come in handy for those who are planning to take their console with them on their flight travels, as many airlines prohibit the use of equipment that transmit radio-frequency […]

via Nintendo Switch Features An Airplane Mode — My Nintendo News

Super Bomberman R Has A 50 Stage Story Mode And Supports 8 Player Online

One of the surprises of the Nintendo Switch presentation was a new entry in the Super Bomberman franchise. More details about the game have emerged this morning via a press release sent out by Konami which confirms the game has a 50 stage story based mode and supports up to eight players online. Super Bomberman R […]

via Super Bomberman R Has A 50 Stage Story Mode And Supports 8 Player Online — My Nintendo News

NIS CEO: “Multiplatform Development For PS4 And Nintendo Switch Is Very Much A Possibility”

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu recently had the opportunity to sit down and interview NipponIchi Software’s CEO about the upcoming Nintendo Switch platform and the opportunity to develop for it. While the CEO admits that they have grown together with the PlayStation brand he says they simply can’t ignore the Nintendo Switch and its portable nature and said from […]

via NIS CEO: “Multiplatform Development For PS4 And Nintendo Switch Is Very Much A Possibility” — My Nintendo News

US: F-Zero X Coming To Wii U eShop Tomorrow

The super fun and much-loved F-Zero X will be part of tomorrow’s eShop offerings in the United States tomorrow. Nintendo’s futuristic racer will set you back $9.99 and should be well worth it providing the emulation is done right. We will find out the entire Nintendo downloads on Thursday afternoon as per-usual. Choose from 30 different hover-car […]

via US: F-Zero X Coming To Wii U eShop Tomorrow — My Nintendo News

Latest data from Gartner & IDC shows Mac sales begin to rebound thanks to MacBook Pro refresh

The fourth quarter of 2016 was a big one for Apple as the company dramatically refresh its outdated MacBook Pro lineup with an all-new Touch Bar, updated specifications, and a refreshed design. With the release of the new MacBook Pros, the latest data from research firms Gartner and IDC show Apple gaining ground in the PC industry,…

via Latest data from Gartner & IDC shows Mac sales begin to rebound thanks to MacBook Pro refresh — 9to5Mac

Apple on track to hit $1 trillion in total revenue from iOS by the middle of this year

Last year, some analysts made the unlikely claim that Alphabet or Amazon might beat Apple to be the first trillion-dollar company. Asymco’s Horace Dediu, however, is out today with a new report predicting that Apple will cross the $1 trillion mark this year in terms of revenue generated by iOS, pushing it closer to a $1 trillion market…

via Apple on track to hit $1 trillion in total revenue from iOS by the middle of this year — 9to5Mac

Walmart Starts Putting Up Nintendo Switch Posters

Walmart is one of the latest retailers to put up posters for Nintendo Switch. They display pictures of the upcoming console, its versatile controller, a screenshot from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the March 2017 release window. About 24 hours remain until tomorrow’s Nintendo Switch presentation, which will include the launch […]

via Walmart Starts Putting Up Nintendo Switch Posters — My Nintendo News

Nintendo Has Filed A Patent That Relates To A Haptic Feedback Vibration System

A patent that Nintendo filed in April of 2015 was made available online as of last month. The patent seems to be related to some kind of vibration system that can be used in various handheld device, such as tablets. The system can generate various vibration types that correspond to sensations which relate to what’s […]

via Nintendo Has Filed A Patent That Relates To A Haptic Feedback Vibration System — My Nintendo News

Here’s The Nintendo eShop Highlights Video For December 2016

December 2016 saw several titles come to the Nintendo eShop on both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Games released last month in the UK include PICROSS e7, Demon’s Crest, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, Back to Bed, Excitebike 64 and Pikmin 2. Check out the highlights video below to see each one of them in action. You […]

via Here’s The Nintendo eShop Highlights Video For December 2016 — My Nintendo News

Europe: Here’s This Week’s Nintendo Downloads For January 12th

It’s Monday which means it is time to find out what’s set to be available this Thursday on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShop. While everybody is getting hyped regarding what to expect from the Nintendo Switch reveal this week, don’t forget that there’s plenty of discounts for the current platforms on the store. […]

via Europe: Here’s This Week’s Nintendo Downloads For January 12th — My Nintendo News

A maioria dos departamentos de polícia, departamentos do xerife, fogo e agências de emergência médica ainda não emitem seus oficiais de patrulha e bombeiros ou paramédicos nos telefones inteligentes de campo ou computadores tablet. Dez anos após a introdução do iPhone.

através de dez anos após o iPhone, por que não dar Cops e telefones inteligentes Bombeiros? – O blog Chief Seattle Geek

O Switch evento Nintendo está a poucos dias de distância, e CEO da Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang, é muito sensacionalistas sobre ele. E ele pensa que você será demasiado. Recentemente, ele fez um discurso na CES, e um evento de imprensa foi realizada em relação a ele. Perguntas foram respondidas, mas apenas uma pergunta relacionada com a Nintendo foi respondida. […]

via CEO da Nvidia diz que as pessoas vão ser “Blown Away” quando vêem o interruptor Nintendo – My Nintendo Notícias

Joining the crowd of Thunderbolt 3 products announced at CES 2017, CalDigit has announced a new generation of its Thunderbolt 3 USB-C dock designed for the new MacBook Pro. As well as a range of I/O ports (for 5K displays, dual 4K displays, eSATA and more) the TS3 Dock will feature 85 W power — this means…

via CalDigit announces new Thunderbolt 3 USB-C dock with I/O expansion ports and full 85W power for charging new MacBook Pro — 9to5Mac

Imagine cruising the coastal roads of the Riviera in this little Bugatti. Someone at Amelia got that chance, after spending $500-600k. It’s immaculate!

via 1925 Bugatti Type 30 Tourer at Amelia Island — Mind Over Motor

via Harry S. Truman Bowling Alley! — Matt on Not-WordPress

Panasonic’s recently-announced GH5 mirrorless camera checks off a lot of boxes: internal 10-bit 4:2:2 recording, dual SD Card slots, 4K @ 60p, in body 5-axis image stabilization, and much more. The camera, which is now available for preorder on B&H or Amazon, is a ridiculously-impressive unit that we can’t wait to get our hands on. And one of…

via Panasonic’s upcoming LUMIX GH5 camera will allow direct connections to the MacBook Pro via USB-C — 9to5Mac

There was a point when acclaimed actor Jennifer Lawrence knew she was a star, but it wasn’t because of fame, fortune, or the string of paparazzi that followed her around. It was her friendship with Paul Rudd. In an interview with Chelsea Handler on the Netflix talk show Chelsea, Lawrence discussed the highs and lows…

via Jennifer Lawrence Says She Knew She Made It When Paul Rudd Wanted to Be BFFs — Newsfeed – TIME

With the addition of intelligent Goals last year, Google Calendar became more than just a regular scheduling and to-do app. Today, the iOS app is gaining Apple Health integration that will automatically mark as finished and adjust your fitness-related Goals. more…Filed under: Apple

via Google Calendar adds Apple Health integration to mark completed fitness Goals, tailor times — 9to5Mac

Honeywell has announced today their first-ever Lyric Cameras and eventual software upgrade for Lyric Security systems, which will make the system compatible with Apple’s HomeKit. Honeywell’s two new Wi-Fi indoor cameras, the Lyric C1 and C2, pair with the Lyric app to access live streaming, recorded events, and alerts for when something is seen or analyzed like a…

via Honeywell extends Lyric Platform with Lyric Cameras & HomeKit-compatiblility for Lyric Security system — 9to5Mac

Apple has updated its iOS 10 usage statistics, which tracks the operating system version used by iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices that visit the App Store. The company now says that more than three quarters of the iOS device user base are running iOS 10, at 76%, with iOS 9 sitting at 18%. This is an increase of more…

via iOS 10 now installed on 76% of active devices, according to Apple’s stats — 9to5Mac

Taking a leap forward past the competition, Dell has today announced the launch of its UltraSharp 32-inch Ultra HD 8K Monitor and a massive 27-inch horizontal touchscreen, the Dell Canvas. The UltraSharp 32 is the “world’s first” 32-inch 8K display, packing in a whopping 1 billion colors and a 280 ppi. The Dell Canvas is a “smart workspace”…

via Dell announces massive 32-inch UltraSharp 8K display, alongside a 27-inch smart workspace touchscreen — 9to5Mac

CES 2017 retrocedeu oficialmente na engrenagem cheia antes do show de abertura ao público neste fim de semana, e hoje temos um olhar, o mais tardar aftermarket no traço sistemas de entretenimento que suportam plataforma CarPlay da Apple. Anúncios na mostra incluem novos produtos da JVC, Clarion, Kenwood, Pioneer, e uma das primeiras unidades de reposição …

via JVC, Pioneer, Clarion, e Kenwood lançar novos sistemas de aftermarket CarPlay como intros Alpine primeira opção sem fio – 9to5Mac

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