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The death of Jimmy Mubenga, a political refugee who died as he was about to be deported from the UK to Angola, has been declared unlawful, thanks in large part to an investigation by TED speaker Paul Lewis and his colleague Matthew Taylor. When Mubenga died aboard British Airways Flight 77 on October 12, 2010, his cause of death was officially reported as illness; but as Lewis and Taylor were eventually able to show in a citizen journalism-based investigation, three guards from the private security firm G4S had restrained Mubenga in a hold that led to death by asphyxia. Earlier this week The Guardianreported that an inquest jury had declared — by a majority of nine to one — that Mubenga’s death was unlawful, prompting the Crown Prosecution Service to reconsider its decision not to bring criminal charges.

Lewis’ talk, originally given at TEDxThessaloniki in 2011, is…

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