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When Roberto  D’Angelo and Francesca Fideli discovered that their 10-day-old son, Mario, had suffered a stroke, they were shocked. Maria was unable to control the left side of his body and, to help their son, they opted to participate in a pilot program for mirror neuron rehabilitation. As they explain in the talk[ted_talkteaser id=1796], mirror neuron therapy involved showing Mario objects and demonstrating how to pick them up and use them. As D’Angelo explains, “The theory of mirror neuron says that, in your brain, as you watch me do this, you are activating exactly the same neurons as if you do the actions.”

This therapy led to a discovery: Mario was mirroring his parents’ emotions as much as he was mirroring their physical movements. Their solution: to couple a positive attitude with cutting-edge neurotherapy. Their story culminates with an inspirational message about the importance of positivity and optimism in…

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