The First Free-Floating LIFE-SIZE HOLOGRAM! No Screens. No Glasses. No Tricks.

Bringing Princess Leia to Life!

Imagine a human sized, floating hologram projected from a 3D display.The hologram requires no special glasses, no virtual reality goggles, and literally hovers in air standing next to you!

We Love 3D Holograms, and it shows!!!

From the moment Princess Leia materialized in 1977, Holograms would forever be tied to the vision of our future.  Most of us grew up with the Sci-Fi fantasies of Hollywood.  We’ll never forget the “Holo-Deck” experience in Star Trek; the holographic shark in Back to the Future II; and how cool it’d be to tinker around with Tony Stark’s holographic tech in Iron Man.  Science Fiction has shown us what’s next.  Now it’s time to make it happen.

Leveraging the fun, success and credibility of Provision in the commercialization of 3D holographic displays in retail markets, we’ll develop the foundation of the future of holographic technology for everyone, laying the groundwork for known anticipated applications (home game consoles) as well as many exciting future developments.

The technology exists. We’ve successfully developed, produced, and are continuing to ship Holographic displays ranging from 3 inches all the way up to 52 inches in size.

Provision’s HoloVision Model HL17 incorporated with Provision’s Interactive “touch” feature demonstration

Now we’re ready to scale up. With your help, we will manufacture a full, life size Hologram.

We live in a 3D world but are still experiencing the world in 2D.  Nobody likes wearing 3D glasses when going to see a movie in theaters.  Maybe you’d really like to go out and buy a 3DTV, but then you’d have to buy multiple pairs of 3D glasses for everyone in the family to share in the experience.  How much better would it be to simply turn on your holographic display and watch Avatar really come to life without 3D glasses!  Let’s bring 3D holograms to the world and begin the transformation from virtual-reality to true-reality.

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