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Snakes slither along the ground, right? Well, not always. In this talk from TEDxVirginiaTech, snake expert Jake Socha introduces us to five species of snakes with the ability to fly — no plane or Samuel L. Jackson needed. It’s a fascinating look at how these creatures create lift, even though they are essentially cylinders, and appear to swim through the air.

This is the kind of fascinating fact that you hear about at TEDx events, dozens of which take place all across the globe every week. From these events, the TEDx team chooses their favorite talks to showcase a few of the inspiring ideas from the TEDx community. Below, watch this week’s featured talks

Building schools in Afghanistan: Mohammad Khan Kharoti at TEDxConcordiaUPortland
Growing up in Afghanistan, Mohammad Khan Kharoti was the first in his family who had the chance to go to school. At TEDxConcordiaUPortland, he shares how…

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