Exclusive Content: Unpublished Photos From Toto De Leon’s Super Street Feature…

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What’s up everyone. I’m knee deep in a shitload of emails and FB messages and what not regarding the YEAR//FIVE event this weekend but I wanted to get some new content up for you guys to look over until then. I want to remind everyone that many of the questions you may be wondering about or wanting to ask me about in regards to the event are already answered above in the link at the top of this page entitled “YEAR//FIVE ANNIVERSARY REGISTRATION/FAQ“. Please look through it before sending me any emails or Facebook messages about the event, thanks…

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at some unpublished photos from one of my favorite all-time Honda builds that I had the pleasure of shooting for Super Street earlier this year. Much like Steve Kwan’s Super Street feature, I started out wanting to shoot the car with…

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