YEAR//FIVE 2013 Coverage…Part 2…

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What’s up all…We’re gonna dive right into the YEAR//FIVE coverage today and keep the content flowing. There is just so much to post still with SEMA and all so it’s just easier for me to skip past the long intro today. I gave you guys a lot to read yesterday already so I’m gonna ease your minds for a bit and provide more visual content for now. I’ll try to wrap everything up tomorrow so I’ll just save the lengthy reading for then. I also took the liberty of attaching a link to some very good coverage of the event from The Narita Dog Fight below. He does a nice job of photographing the event as well as providing his own thoughts on things. Check it out towards the middle of this post where I detail the awards presentation…

If you happened to have missed Part 1 of the YEAR//FIVE…

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