Wii Party U UK Review

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wii_party_u_montageFun for all ages no matter the gaming ability, there’s certainly no party like Wii Party U – just make sure you bring an extra pinch of luck to the table; you’re going to need it.

For fans of its predecessor, Wii Party U gives a substantial and meaty upgrade. With over 80 mini-games, various returning party modes such as House Party and TV Party, and an appealing use of the console’s GamePad, the title gives a lively boost to any get-together. But that’s not to say the game is without its flaws, suffering from a few mini-game duds and lacklustre modes that rarely bring anything new to the table.

Designed to be played with family and friends, Wii Party U has some fantastic game modes, with notable ones including Sketchy Situation, Water Runners and Folk Dance Fever in House Party. All three games modes here make great use of…

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