The 2013 SEMA Show Coverage…Part 1…

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I wanted to try something different this time around… If you’ve followed this site for the last couple of years, you know that my SEMA coverage, like most of my other coverge, is typically very in-depth. I try to cover everything that I can that catches my eye and then sort through the mess after when I get home from my week-long stay in Las Vegas, NV. This has always worked for me because I like the depth of my coverages and I think that is one of the key reasons why I feel that this site is like no other. It’s not so much filling the site with content that would otherwise be considered ‘filler’ content, it just has more to do with the fact that the SEMA show has always had quite a bit of stuff to look at. Import, domestic, completely one-off, etc. The SEMA show has…

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