The Rywire ITR Build…Part 12…

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Well….it’s definitely been awhile. A year and two weeks, or 389 days to be exact. It’s been an interesting journey so far but things definitely slowed down by late October last year. Questions, after questions, after questions flooded in…

“Whatever happened to the Rywire ITR build?”

“Any updates on Ryan’s Integra?”

“When are you going to give us an update on the Rywire ITR?”

“Did he sell the car?”

“Did he abandon the project?”

It’s been a steady stream of questions throughout the 2013 calender year. You never got a response because there wasn’t a response to give. I started answering the questions towards the beginning of the year but it became so frequent that I eventually just either let Ryan answer or just left the questions unanswered. The truth is, the build became less of a priority for both Rywire and ASC Speed Metal. There are a ton of…

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