Busy November

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Izabel Goulart

Izabel Goulart A Busy November

It’s been a busy month for izabelgoulart.net, and an equally frenzied month for our delightful supermodel.

During November, there were 63 posts, 13 more than in October, with over 8,000 hits (800 in October) and 50 followers (up from 22 in the previous month). The blog now has readers in 88 countries (35 in October), principally the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil and France.  It is pleasing that Brazil is now one of the countries that provides the highest number of visitors, having replaced Italy in the top five. There were posts in 13 categories (10 in October), with 301 tags (115 in the month previously). The most popular posts, apart from the home page, included the newly launched Workouts page, “Like Diamonds in the Sky” (announcing the engagement of Izabel’s friend, Quiana Grant and Dr James Pinckney) and the Wallpapers and Video pages.  Apart from the…

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