Super Mario 3D World UK Review

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Super Mario 3D World serves up a delightful platformer treat, with gorgeous visuals, ingenious level design and charming new items and modes which brings a wonderful depth to the game not seen since the Galaxy series.

The beauty of Nintendo’s beloved franchise is the warmth and nostalgia it brings to those who have grown from childhood to adulthood with the red-capped plumber, but it’s also a series that appeals to the younger generation – and that’s exactly why local multiplayer is so significant in Super Mario 3D World.

For the first time, you can choose to play with your friends and family in multiplayer mode, where the fastest player to reach the goal gets the top tier of points, or you can work as a team in order to catch those elusive green stars Bowser’s minions keep under lock and key. But there’s no demand to play in a team…

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