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Behold, your weekly recap of TED-related news:

Yesterday, a United States federal court ruled that the NSA’s surveillance of phone records is “likely” to be unconstitutional. The New York Times’ editorial board applauded the move today. TED speakers Mikko Hypponen (who gave the talk “How the NSA betrayed the world’s trust”) and Malte Spitz (who gave the talk “Your phone company is watching”), take note.

Rose George (watch her TED Talk) wrote a heartbreaking account of her father’s diagnosis with dementia — and the British healthcare system’s inability to deal with him. Bring tissues.

A big problem in math and science education, according to this interview with Freeman Hrabowski (watch his TED Talk): “We have a way of looking at kids when they don’t seem excited about the work, or when they seem bored, or it’s taking too long to…

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