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This morning, The Guardian published this essay written by TED’s curator, Chris Anderson, in response to a column in the paper last week. In this essay, he dives into the misconception that TED Talks oversimplify complex subjects, and explains why we as a company are dedicated to the principle that knowledge should be shared.

Seven years ago when TED Talks debuted online, the blogosphere buzzed contentedly over this new free form of intellectual food. The Guardian itself once wrote an op-ed titled “In Praise of TED”. Today, with more than 2 million TED Talks viewed daily, some bloggers have discovered you can win a lot more clicks by going with “In Condemnation of TED”.

The fact that most of their theories contradict each other just adds to the fun. TED is, apparently, leftist propaganda. And also pro-establishment-corporate-sponsored misinformation. It takes mainstream science too seriously. And also not seriously enough. It’s elitist. But it also shamefully allows thousands…

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