The Chronicles Top Ten Hondas of 2013…#1…

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Now that you’ve read through selections 2-10, I’m sure you’re eager to see who owns the #1 Honda build of 2013. Well, without further adieu, here is THE best Honda build of MMXIII….



Those of you “in the know” should have long expected Will Wang’s Mugen del Sol to land at the number one spot on the 2013 Top Ten Hondas list. Simply put, it is the best build of the calendar year and beyond. It was planned for his build to originally be a part of the 2012 Top Ten list but I just felt that his ’13 would be better and I was right. He continued to make detailed changes to his build and started off the year by landing on the cover of Honda Tuning magazine. His standing as the best build of the year was his to lose. The only…

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