Best Buy Posts Yoshi’s New Island Box-Art

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yoshi_new_islandUS retailer Best Buy has posted the tentative box-art for Nintendo 3DS exclusive,  Yoshi’s New Island. Nintendo of America recently announced that Yoshi’s long-awaited adventure will be released in North America on March 14th. Nintendo Europe has yet to announce a release date, but hopefully it’s not too far off.

Dive into Yoshi’s world for the third installment in the beloved franchise. Enjoy fun gameplay mechanics, including Yoshi’s Flutter Jump, Ground Pound and Egg Throw, while experiencing the new abilities — use giant-size Mega Eggs to mow down obstacles, destroy pipes and blocks and reveal hidden doors

Move your 3DS around to discover hidden areas and aim Mega Egg throws with the device’s gyro sensor and the new binocular ability. Explore different worlds and encounter a variety of art styles, such as oil, watercolor and crayon

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