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Larry Lessig is about to complete a 185-mile walk across the state of New Hampshire. He began this journey on January 11 and has walked despite rain, sleet, snow, ice and freezing cold, as the temperature in this state ranges anywhere from the lower thirties to the negative teens in the month of January.

[ted_talkteaser id=1702]Lessig undertook this walk to hammer home the idea he presented on the TED2013 stage: that the American electoral system is inherently corrupt, giving outrageous influence to the very small percentage of people who give money to political campaigns. But Lessig’s idea is even bigger than that: he believes this system can change.

For Lessig, the key is demanding it. This walk, which Lessig’s organization Rootstrikers dubbed the New Hampshire Rebellion, focused on asking the residents of New Hampshire to make candidates in the 2016 presidential primary answer the question, “How will you…

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