You’d think by this point we might have settled on a definition of what a data scientist is, or at least on a general agreement that they’re important. It seems we have not.

Here are two blog posts published within the last day about the relative value of data scientists:

  • One is from Miko Matsumura, CEO of database vendor Hazelcast, who calls data scientists glorified database administrators who will find themselves the kings and queens of “a rotting whale-carcass of data.” You can read it here.
  • The other is from John Foreman, chief data scientist at MailChimp (and, full disclosure, a regular Gigaom contributor lately), who argues that the work of a good data scientist will never cost as little as $30 per hour. You can read it here.

John Foreman (center) at Structure Europe 2013. John Foreman (center) at Structure Europe 2013.

We’ve covered this ground before, in posts trying to define the skills…

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