Married and working together to solve inequality: Bill and Melinda Gates at TED2014

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TED2014_DD_DSC_3989_1920Chris Anderson invited Bill and Melinda Gates to the TED2014 stage for what turned out to be a personal and charming Q&A. This is an edited version of that conversation.

Anderson began with the provocation, “On the basis that a picture’s worth a thousand words, I asked them to dig from their archive to explain what they’ve done.” The first image was from their first trip to Africa, just after they had been engaged.

Melinda Gates: Bill had never taken that much time off work. We went to see the animals and the savanna, but what struck us most were the people, and the poverty. We started to talk about what might we do and how might we go about it?

Bill Gates:  We were excited that there’d be a phase of our life where we’d get to work together and figure out how to give this money back. We were…

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