In Under the Skin, a new sci-fi film opening in theaters on April 4, Scarlett Johannson plays an alien in disguise who preys on unsuspecting men in Glasgow. For the role, director Jonathan Glazer had the actress go undercover, donning a brunette wig and a British accent; hidden cameras were used so Johannson could pick up ordinary blokes who didn’t realize they were speaking to one of Hollywood’s most famous actresses — or even that they were being filmed. The men were only clued in about the movie set into which they had stumbled after the actress had successfully lured them into her white van. (Some of the men then went on to continue shooting scenes, knowingly, for the film.)

The unconventional shoot gives the movie an unpolished, sinister vibe as the men gamely make small talk and eagerly climb into the vehicle of a beautiful stranger. The sinister…

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