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Sometimes, Nintendo doesn’t quite create the things you wish for. If I had a penny for every game Nintendo hasn’t made that I’ve always wanted… I’d have, like, a bazillion dollars. And I’m not the only one; fans all over the world frequently take matters into their own hands and let their creativity blossom into some truly awesome fan-made material.

So, do yourself a favor and check out this YouTube video posted by Callegos-Y. It’s a rather amazing animated sketch taking place in the Legend of Zelda universe titled ‘Racing for Rupees.” It tells the story of Link doing everything he can to find enough rupees to purchase a new shield.

The video was constructed in Source Film Maker, a popular online video capture and editing application that operates inside game engines. Yes, you can tell that the character models are ripped from various games in the Zelda franchise (and that’s okay!)…

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