Some actors like to pose for portraits. They enjoy the exchange with the photographer and the moment when they feel they have been looking their best.

But not Meryl Streep.

I met Meryl in 1978 on the set of Kramer vs. Kramer. We also did the poster for the movie and then kept working together from time to time.

I took this portrait in 1988 for Interview Magazine’s cover story. I was surprised that Meryl Streep agreed to it, as I knew she committed so rarely. I was trepidatious, as I wanted to do well for the magazine, for myself, but mostly for her because I knew she was doing it for me.

We were in a studio in Soho, New York. Meryl Streep came alone. She never comes with an entourage. We were a small team in a very intimate space.

It is always hard to do…

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