Super Mario Maker Producer Shares His Level Creation Tips, Says Game’s e-Manual Will Inspire Fans

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Super Mario Maker has been proven to inspire many Nintendo fans as part of E3’s showcase this year. Amidst the many Treehouse streams dedicated to the side-scroller creation title, there’s been lots of chatter brimming around the game on social networks, including this letter block fan creation highlighted by Nintendo UK on Twitter, as well as an amusing video featuring Tezuka – grinning wildly – kicking a green shell. And it appears we’ve yet to even scratch the surface of content available in Super Mario Maker, with countless level variations ready to be created when it launches for the Wii U in just a few months.

In an interview with Polygon, Super Mario Maker producer Takashi Tezuka has shared his level creation wisdom with fans, saying that less is perhaps more in many cases. He also said there’s no harm in taking inspiration from levels you play either, but…

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