Miyamoto Explains Why Nintendo Isn’t Jumping On The VR Band Wagon

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Both Sony and Microsoft have their Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions for the near-future, but Nintendo thus far is without one. That’s not something that really concerns Shigeru Miyamoto who doesn’t feel like it’s a good fit with Nintendo’s current philosophy. As you already know Miyamoto is more interested in social gaming with family and friends in the same room. However, we did hear earlier that Nintendo is currently experimenting with Virtual Reality as Reggie said “We that do our own internal experiments, but we don’t believe it’s ready for prime time yet.” Here’s what Shigeru Miyamoto had to say about VR.

“The current types of virtual reality aren’t really a good fit for Nintendo’s philosophy of trying to create entertainment that people can play together in the living room,” said Miyamoto. “We’re constantly looking at different technology and experimenting with different elements of it, but we’re not feeling virtual reality is currently in…

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