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Project CARS Studio Head “Really Dislikes Nintendo Users”

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Project CARS gets more heat that most third-party developers from Nintendo fans. Developer Slightly Mad Studios is not blameless in the matter — they initially promised a Wii U version of the game in their crowdfunding campaign and made numerous statements regarding the “fine” progress on the Nintendo version. Then, out of the blue, they put the Wii U version of Project CARS on an indefinite hiatus, pointing to serious optimization issues.

With this in mind, many Wii U owners and backers have flocked to the Project CARS forums asking for answers. While most responses have been civil from the developers, Slightly Mad’s Head of Studio, Ian Bell, had enough with one particular Wii U rant and went on to say “we really dislike Nintendo users.” Check out the entire conversation below.


Project CARS has been released for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC — Slightly Mad is hoping to bring over…

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