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This year’s E3 event was a slight disappointment to fans. As we know a number of the games showcased had already been announced last year and also a few of the new titles were spinoffs of traditional series. Some wonder if Nintendo is in a transitional period before it releases the NX onto the market. However, Nintendo of America executive VP of sales and marketing Scott Moffitt, says this simply isn’t the case. Moffitt points out that the company has 14 games between now and the end of the year. He confirms that eight of them are for the Wii U and the other six are for the Nintendo 3DS.

“I wouldn’t view it as a transitional year at all for us. At least, I don’t think of it that way. We’re bringing a plethora of great games to the market this year. We have 14 games we’re launching between now and the…

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