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Intel Capital puts $28M into Chinese Android, wearables, biometrics and M2M firms

Originally posted on Gigaom:
Intel Capital, the U.S. chip firm’s venture capital arm, has invested $28 million into Chinese biometrics, internet of things, wearables and in-game communications firms – and also the developer of a major Chinese Android fork. The company announced the recipients of the first tranche of its $100 million Intel Capital China…

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Experts Warn Corporate Boards Aren’t Protecting Us From Hackers

Originally posted on TIME:
As an increasing number of major retailers and financial institutions are falling victim to hacks like those against Target, Home Depot and JPMorgan, many experts say corporate boards aren’t doing enough to protect customers from cybersecurity breaches.While corporate boards are a step removed from companies’ day-to-day operations, the increasing risk of…

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