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Typewriters (huh?) make a comeback in post-Snowden era

Originally posted on Gigaom:
So, the typewriter, an icon of a bygone, pre-PC era, is, making a comeback. Say what? The German government, reportedly is thinking about using typewriters — non-electronic ones at that — for its clerical work according to this Guardian report earlier this year. Why? Because they cannot be hacked. From the story: Asked “Are…

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Global Temperatures Are the Hottest on Record for a Fifth Month This Year

Originally posted on TIME:
The world is heading for the warmest year on record with October the fifth month to break worldwide heat records. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced Thursday that the average global temperature for October was 58.43ºF (14.74ºC). “It is becoming pretty clear that 2014 will end up as the…

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Photojournalism Daily: Nov. 21, 2014

Originally posted on LightBox:
Today’s daily Photojournalism Links collection highlights Mauricio Lima’s photographs on fishing for the pirarucu, one of the world’s largest freshwater fish, in Brazil’s Amazonas region. Nearly two decades of conservation efforts, which, today, allow only locals to harpoon and bludgeon the pirarucu, appear to be working. Lima’s striking pictures illustrate the struggle…

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After Epic Snowstorm Pummels Western New York, Forecasters Now Warn of Rain

Originally posted on TIME:
After relentless, lake-effect snowfall blanketed much of western New York this week, officials warned on Thursday that a new peril is now looming — rain. Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz told a press conference on Thursday that forecasted rain over the weekend might put additional strain on already stressed roofs as…

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