Fitbit announced three new fitness trackers on Monday, although only one will go on sale before the end of this year.
Once upon a time, Fitbit (see disclosure) made simple fitness trackers without screens. Now the leading tracker company is preparing the Surge, which is Fitbit’s first smartwatch. It’s still a fitness tracker, first and foremost, but you can’t miss its square-shaped black-and-white OLED screen. It’s not for the typical Android Wear user who is looking for better notifications. It’s for the serious athlete.
To go along with the bigger screen, the Fitbit Surge has several new features. It can display an entire watch face, it provides more information about your fitness stats and it can display notifications from your smartphone. It can now play music, as well.
It’s also got more sensors, including an optical heart rate sensor, a compass and GPS, which runners will appreciate. Even with all this…

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