Researcher Accidentally Infects Herself With Zika Virus — TIME

A University of Pittsburgh researcher accidentally infected herself with the Zika virus. While conducting a lab experiment with the virus on May 23, the researcher pricked herself with a needle. Nine days later, she started experiencing symptoms, including a fever. She later tested positive for Zika, CNN reports. Since then, her symptoms have resolved, the…

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One-Third of the World’s Population Can’t See the Milky Way Thanks to Light Pollution — TIME

Light pollution prevents a third of the world’s population from seeing the Milky Way from their homes, according to new research. Researchers behind the study, published in the journal Science Advances, found that 60% of Europeans and nearly 80% of North Americans cannot see the Milky Way. Light pollution, most common in densely populated urban…

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Climate Change Played a Role in Paris Floods, Report Says — TIME

Climate change contributed significantly to the likelihood of the flooding that inundated Paris and other European cities at the end of last month, according to a new analysis. The research, conducted by scientists in the World Weather Attribution (WWA) partnership, found that the likelihood of a three-day extreme rainfall event had increased by 90% along…

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Why Your Job Affects How Much You Exercise — TIME

When it comes to exercise, for most people the question isn’t whether you should do it, but how much activity you need to improve your health. In the latest study published by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, researchers take a closer look at how jobs…

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Watch Christina Grimmie’s Audition for The Voice — TIME

Singer Christina Grimmie—who was fatally shot after a Florida performance on Friday—got her start as a YouTube star, but she became most famous as a contestant on The Voice in 2014. In her audition for the show, Grimmie sang a rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball,” earning the attention of each of the show’s celebrity…

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Install Office 365 desktop Apps Offline — McAkins Online

When Office 365 Home, Personal, and University were introduced, you had to always be online to install your office desktop apps. Once they were installed, however, you could go offline and still use those apps. But always relying on an online installer can be difficult for places with slow or unreliable internet connection. But now, Microsoft offers you the ability to install your Office apps offline. Offline installers help users with poor internet connection get going quickly. It is also useful for those who want to quickly set up their Office applications on multiple PCs in batch, over a network for instance. Here’s how to grab an offline copy of Microsoft Office 2016 if you are an Office 365 Home, Personal, or University subscriber.

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Orlando Police: ‘Multiple Injuries’ After Nightclub Shooting — TIME

(ORLANDO, Fla.) — Orlando Police say they are responding to a shooting at a nightclub in southern Florida. A post on the department’s official Twitter account early Sunday morning says “multiple injuries” have been reported following the incident at the Pulse Orlando nightclub near Orange and Kaley avenue. The department also advises people to “stay…

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The Anatomy of a New Year’s Resolution

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High School Bans ‘I Can’t Breathe’ T-Shirts

Sony: 2 million people have streamed The Interview


Over 2 million people have purchased or rented The Interview since it started streaming on December 24th, according to an announcement from Sony Pictures Entertainment (via Business Insider.)

The Interview raked in $15 million in online sales through Saturday night, which is five times larger than the $2.8 million weekend box office generated by the film’s limited release in 331 independent theaters.

The slapstick farce about North Korea starring James Franco and Seth Rogen is available from YouTube, Google Play, Xbox Video, and Sony’s own website. It costs $14.99 to buy and $5.99 to rent.

Apple also started selling The Interview on the iTunes store on Sunday. Its newfound availability on iTunes will make it easier for people with an Apple TV to watch the movie — previously, users had to purchase the movie on a computer or phone before watching it on their [company]Apple[/company] TV.

For a dumb comedy, The Interview has certainly had…

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Rogen and Franco Will Live Tweet The Interview as it Hits iTunes

Why You Should Change Your Amazon Password Now

Yup, 2014 was a big year in cloud


2014 was the year in which both Microsoft and Google got serious about their public cloud options and taking on Amazon Web Services directly with their own Infrastructure as a Service and associated services.

That both of these companies have extremely deep pockets is not lost on the market leader AWS which continues to roll out new, and higher-level services frequently. If you’re a cloud deployer or would-be cloud deployer, AWS Re:Invent is a must-attend event.

Long story short: [company]Google[/company] and [company]Microsoft[/company] have made huge strides, but AWS, with its 8-year head start, remains the cloud to beat. It’s a good time to be a cloud customer provided you can track the dueling product releases and price cuts and can manage to keep yourself out of the vendor lock-in that afflicted many IT shops in the past few decades.

Cybersecurity fears grow

The counterpoint to all of the above is that 2014 was…

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Flooding Kills 24 in Malaysia and Thailand

Michael Sam Discusses Coming Out on Oprah TV Special

Meteor wants to be the warp drive for building real-time apps


For most organizations, building a modern-day cloud application that rivals something as clean and fast as Uber or Facebook is, obviously, not an easy-to-do task. The art of crafting a responsive app that’s able to load up and transmit data in real time demands a developer team that’s skilled in multiple web frameworks and languages like Angular.js, Node.js and PHP.

Meteor Development Group wants to simplify this process, and it thinks the best way to do so is to build everything in JavaScript, the ubiquitous programming language that’s the backbone of web browsers. Meteor Development Group’s open-source project, dubbed Meteor, is essentially a souped-up JavaScript application framework that’s designed to make it easier for coders to create real-time apps like those found at big tech companies while appeasing enterprises who are more familiar with JavaScript than other languages.

“It’s a fresh design to how to build modern architecture out…

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Watch This Astronaut’s Amazing Timelapse Video of Earth

2015: The “college experimentation” year of mobile payments


In November, when Dutchman Martin Wisjeimer became the first man to inject Bitcoin keys inside his hands, he captured the spirit of payments in 2015. Will others be crazy enough to try this? Maybe not, but many are going to try out new ways to pay. 2015 will be the “experimenting in college” years for shoppers.

Merchants will hit shoppers with options they never had before, and shoppers are going to try it all out because … why not? Waving your iPhone 6 in front of a NFC sensor to pay for stuff is entertaining and it makes good conversation during the holidays. If your sister-in-law bought you a bottle of wine with [company]Apple[/company] Pay, I promise you’re going to hear all about it. Personally, I arrived late to a meeting the day Apple Pay launched because I was eager to test it out. When I use Apple Pay at [company]Whole Foods[/company], [company]McDonald’s[/company] and [company]Walgreens[/company], other people in line are…

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Facebook Apologizes for Pain Caused by ‘Year in Review’ Posts

Snow, Ice Sweep Europe, Stranding Drivers

Listen to Thom Yorke’s New Song ‘You Won’t Like Me When I’m Angry’

These Are the Most Awesome Concept Cars of 2014

Scrooges strike: Xbox Live, Playstation Network both down


Bad news if there was an Xbox or Playstation under the tree this Christmas Day: You won’t likely get to use either console online for a bit. Why? Both system networks are experiencing issues, reportedly due to a denial of service attack, says Neowin.

[company]Sony[/company] indicated on Twitter that it is aware of an issue that’s impacting its network:

A search on Twitter for “Playstation network” shows that at time of writing, there are many people impacted and complaining. The same can be said for [company]Microsoft[/company]’s Xbox Live service; here’s one example I found on Twitter:

I also checked

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