Tuesday evening in front of Hong Kong’s Central Government Complex seemed at first glance like any other in recent memory, with pro-democracy protesters milling around the tent-filled section of highway they have christened Umbrella Square.

But it was on this day exactly one month ago that police used tear gas on thousands of citizens demanding the right to elect their own leader without interference from Beijing.

And this memory remains fresh in people’s minds.

“It was a sad day because of what the police did,” said 24-year-old Alan Yip, who was on the front lines on Sept. 28 and has been camping out in the ritzy Admiralty district for the past 20 days. “Many people suffered.”

Tuesday’s commemoration, attended by thousands, was filled with symbolism and perfectly orchestrated. At exactly 5:57 p.m., the time the first tear gas was deployed, protesters opened a sea of umbrellas and observed 87 seconds…

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