Pumpkin spice is continuing its ceaseless march into every corner of our lives.

As people who eat or drink outside the home have probably noticed, what we may have thought were harmless pumpkin spice lattes a few years back have mutated, taking over our cookies, pancake mix, oatmeal, candy corn, Oreos, cream cheese, chewing gum, granola, bagels, tortas, almonds, peanut butter, oolong tea and even our white balsamic vinegar. Not to mention our yogurt-covered pretzels and baked donut holes!

For those who haven’t set foot in a Starbucks or grocery store recently, here is a handy chart from Google Trends showing how often people have entered this phrase into its search engine over the past decade, rocketing from basically nothing to unprecedented levels that currently dwarf other spices:


One company in a prime position to monitor pumpkin spice’s ascendance is My Fitness Pal, whose app and website some…

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