Red Hat has launched version 5 of its Cloud Infrastructure package, which is intended for organizations that want to dabble in both OpenStack and traditional data center virtualization simultaneously.

[company]Red Hat[/company] Cloud Infrastructure (RHCI) version 5 debuted on Monday at the OpenStack Summit in Paris. As before, it bundles the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack infrastructure-as-a-service platform with the company’s virtualization platform and CloudForms, its tool for managing hybrid cloud setups.

Version 6 of the Satellite lifecycle and configuration management toolkit is also in the mix, giving users a single console through which they can manage the lifecycle of the aforementioned virtualization and OpenStack systems, as well as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Storage, Directory and so on. Satellite 6 is also the first version to introduce “drift remediation”, i.e. being able to automatically correct system state.

Meanwhile, Red Hat also said it’s expanded its partnership with the Indian systems integrator Wipro…

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