REVIEW: The Huggable Marshmallow Robot of Disney’s Big Hero 6


Go to Disney’s Big Hero 6, and you’ll see a wonderful movie: the short cartoon before the animated feature. In Feast, a Boston terrier named Winston feeds on the treats his master tosses him: bacon and eggs, pizza, nachos — all the snacks a single man thrives on. When the man begins seeing a woman, the scraps left for Winston turn organic: a Brussels sprout topped with a sprig. In six minutes, writer-director Patrick Osborne synopsizes a dozen years in a man’s life, from loner to dater to husband and father, as seen and shared by winsome Winston. Shot with a narrow color palette and dramatically flat shapes, and overflowing with heartful wit, Feast is a banquet for all lovers of dogs, food and movies.

Stick around for the feature attraction — on which Osborne worked as co-head of animation — and you’ll find another non-human character…

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