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Apple must answer for missing text messages, judge rules


A California woman, Adrienne Moore, who says she lost “countless” text messages after she switched from Apple’s iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy S5 ,can proceed with a class action lawsuit, a judge ruled on Monday.

The case turns on the iMessage feature, which allows [company]Apple[/company] users to send text messages to each other and, in many cases, avoid phone carriers texting fees. The feature is popular with iPhone users, but has proved a major headache for people who switch to a non-Apple phone.

The reason, as Moore and many others discovered, is that Apple continues to treat phone numbers associated with former iPhone owners as “iMessages,” causing them to go into a messaging black hole — instead of being delivered as text messages — unless the former customer switches off the “iMessage” function on their old iPhone.

Even in cases where former iPhone customers had switched off the iMessage functions, Moore and others allege that Apple still failed to…

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