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Google Wallet is closing shop on digital goods


Just as Apple is spreading its wings into the online and mobile payments markets, Google seems to backing away from it. Google has posted notice on the Wallet developer site that it is shutting down the API powering digital goods purchase on web and mobile internet sites.

Don’t worry: [company]Google[/company] Wallet is here to stay. You can still make in-store purchases, and you can use your Wallet credentials to buy apps, content and goods from Google Play as well as make in-app purchases in Android apps. But the third-party payment processing feature that allows online merchants to let you buy their wares with your Google Wallet will disappear on March 2.

Google said it won’t be offering a payment alternative to developers who use Wallet to handle transactions, so it’s advising its mobile and online merchants to find a payment processor alternative if they don’t already have one.

Though Wallet…

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