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Preheat your oven: Drop’s smart scale and iPad app are here


The “weight” is over if you want a kitchen scale that can measure ingredients and dynamically adjust your recipes: Drop is now on sale for $100, reports Engadget. The connected scale works with an iPad app to help you hone your culinary skills.

drop scale and ipad

Drop doesn’t quite rival the food replicators you might have seen on Star Trek, so there’s a little manual effort involved in the cooking process.

And that’s where Drop works its magic, because it can measure each ingredient as it’s added to a recipe, suggest alternatives if you’re out of a particular ingredient and adjust quantities if you’re a bit low on some food staples.

Here’s Ben Harris, CEO of Drop to demonstrate:

Drop actually started accepting pre-orders back in June when Harris stopped by Gigaom’s office to demonstrate the device. My colleague Stacey Higginbotham appreciated not just the intelligence of the scale, but…

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