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Temasys wants AWS users to embed WebRTC comms using its platform


The WebRTC company Temasys has released a platform called Skylink to help other firms build real-time communications into their apps and services.

Because it is entirely built on the [company]Amazon[/company] Web Services, Skylink should work particularly well for providers who are also using AWS as their foundation. It could be used to provide in-service channels for user-to-user communications, or perhaps Amazon Mayday-style live customer support.

WebRTC is a super-exciting new(ish) standard, supported in Chrome, Firefox and Opera, that allows for Skype-style communications from within webpages, without plugins. Recently, [company]Ericsson[/company] moved to promote its use in mobile apps, and [company]Telefonica[/company] has been working with [company]Mozilla[/company] to embed a WebRTC-based chat service directly into Firefox. One of the nice things about WebRTC is that it can be used not only for text, video and voice chat, but also file transfer and screen-sharing.

Singapore-based [company]Temasys[/company], one of a handful of companies that’s…

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