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Katherine Heigl’s State of Affairs May Not Save Her Reputation


So this is her comeback.

Katherine Heigl’s return to television, State of Affairs, which debuts on NBC tonight, is the latest stage in Heigl’s ongoing, humiliating apology tour of America. The show, notionally about a tough CIA analyst who’s working to avenge her slain lover, is as much an attempt by Heigl to resuscitate her own flatlined reputation. Time will tell, but it seems Heigl may have more work to do.

The actress’s rise to prominence, as a star of Grey’s Anatomy and the lead actress in Knocked Up, was seeded with the elements of its own decline. Heigl was charmingly plainspoken in a way that made her perhaps the best interpreter of Shonda Rhimes’s dialogue we’ve ever seen. That plainspokenness also resulted in a series of P.R. fiascoes including her criticizing the writing of both of her starmaking projects, Grey’s for not giving her good material and

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