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Do you find OSS hard to deploy? Meet ZeroToDocker


It’s great that there are a ton of open source projects available for the taking, but checking them out and trying to get a feel for how they’ll work out can be tricky for newbies (and even for some more grizzled veterans.)

That’s why the [company]Netflix[/company] engineering brain trust rolled out ZeroToDocker last week –which promises to make it much easier for shop to test out say Asgard, Netflix’s cloud deployment tool, in a limited setting before deploying it at scale. Basically, ZeroToDocker lets you (provided you have a [company]Docker[/company] host) run a single node of an NetflixOSS project with a one (1!) single command. Easy peasy.

“Once the images are downloaded it’s Docker run, Docker run, Docker run with one parameter a piece and you don’t need to understand much about it to get it running,” Andrew Spyker, senior software engineer who joined Netflix from IBM not that long ago tells us.


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