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Five tech products that designers have fallen in love with


Dentists are famous for not going to the dentist themselves. Designers are often on the opposite side of the spectrum and happily surround themselves with objects with great product design. Today, this doesn’t just include consumer electronics and connected devices, but also websites, apps and services that boldly advance the design in their category. At Gigaom’s Roadmap conference, we had five designers from companies like Microsoft, Samsung and Pinterest talk about their favorite tech products.

Here are some of the most notable picks, and what designers like about them:


Medium was the top pick of Pinterest Product Design Manager Mia Blume, who said that it’s reinventing publishing on the web, and added: “As a platform, it’s incredibly well designed.” He love for Medium was shared by Microsoft’s Principal Designer Kat Holmes, who noted that Medium has put “the act of writing a story… right at the heart of…

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