Bitcasa CEO: Unlimited storage “a wildly money-losing proposition”


The past couple of weeks have been stormy, to say the least, regarding streaming storage startup Bitcasa and its decision to nix its “infinite drive” unlimited storage plan in late October. The move angered some of Bitcasa’s infinite drive customers who were told they had around three weeks to move their data over to the startup’s new Amazon servers or face having their storage deleted.

This led to a disgruntled [company]Bitcasa[/company] customer launching a tentative class-action lawsuit against the company, claiming Bitcasa did not give its users enough time to migrate their data. The lawsuit ended in Bitcasa’s favor with U.S. District Judge William Alsup ordering the plaintiff to shell out $99 for an additional month under Bitcasa’s new pricing plan if he wants more time to move data. However, financial details unearthed in the lawsuit painted a bleak picture for the startup.

In an interview with…

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